A Franna Crane is a brand of pick-and-carry crane that has revolutionised the lifting industry. Unlike traditional mobile cranes, pick-and-carry cranes like the Franna Crane are designed for road travel without the need for outriggers or stabilising legs. These versatile cranes excel at “picking” up heavy loads and “carrying” them to their destination within a limited radius.

Often referred to as “taxi” cranes, Franna cranes offer the unique ability to transport equipment or supplies on-site, making them a preferred choice in the Australian civil construction industry for projects of varying scales.


The inception of the pick-and-carry crane can be credited to the brilliant mind of Australian engineer Dave Francis. In 1980, Francis constructed the first-ever prototype of a pick-and-carry crane using components from trucks. He named his company “Franna” as a combination of his own name, “Francis,” and his daughter’s name, “Anna.”

In 1983, Lou Parolin and Brisan Haintook acquired the business and began manufacturing pick-and-carry cranes based on Francis’ groundbreaking design. The Franna crane swiftly gained popularity in Australia due to its exceptional manoeuvrability and high travel speeds. Eventually, the term “Franna” became synonymous with all pick-and-carry cranes, regardless of the manufacturer.

In 1999, Terex, a prominent U.S.-based heavy equipment manufacturing giant, acquired the company. The cranes were rebranded as Terex-Frannas, but even today, pick-and-carry cranes are commonly referred to as Franna cranes.


Franna cranes have become an integral part of crane hire fleets across Australia, with most crane hire companies including at least one Franna crane in their arsenal.

Over the years, Franna cranes have undergone continuous testing and development, resulting in a superior product. Today, a range of Franna cranes is available, boasting lifting capacities ranging from 10 to 25 tons.

While Franna cranes are now available worldwide after Terex’s acquisition, their usage remains predominantly prevalent in Australia. These cranes are specifically designed for the low-speed operations in the Australian mining and construction industries.

Their ability to swiftly travel long distances at high speeds between job sites makes them ideal for Australian conditions. Franna cranes excel at completing lifts at multiple job sites within a single day, thanks to their ability to travel on public roads and their minimal setup requirements compared to other mobile and truck cranes.

Franna cranes have found extensive application in machinery installations, shutdown work, mining operations, handling sensitive loads, and more.


Opting for a Franna crane brings numerous benefits, including high on-road speeds and quick setup times that save both time and money. The remarkable manoeuvrability and versatility of Franna cranes enable their utilisation across a wide range of applications within a single job site or efficient mobility between multiple sites.

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