Brisbane, Queensland


Situated on the edge of the Brisbane River, the Multiplex Queens Wharf project is a significant architectural venture. This large-scale development is expertly managed by Lindores Construction Logistics, the Tower Crane contractor for the project, successfully coordinating a vast array of tasks and machinery.
A prominent part of the construction proceedings, Lindores employs an impressive fleet of Favelle Favco cranes. These cranes, notable for their strength and precision, have become integral components in the construction process.

The current cranes in use include a Favelle Favco M220D and M220DX, acting as reliable workhorses on the site. Their precise lifting capability ensures the project’s steady progress, seamlessly moving materials around the site. We then have two Favelle Favco M380Ds operating alongside the larger M630Ds as vital assets. The M380Ds are known for their high lifting capacity, while the M630Ds, due to their longer reach, allow for efficient distribution of materials across the expansive site.

Retired from the project but still acknowledged for their contribution, our other cranes such as our M220DX, M440D, M310DF, and M220D, played significant roles in the project’s earlier stages. These cranes contributed to the initial groundwork, their sturdy design and reliability being instrumental in the project’s commencement.

The operational expertise of Lindores Construction Logistics, paired with their effective use of the Favelle Favco cranes, has been instrumental in the progress of the Multiplex Queens Wharf project. Our strategic handling of these powerful machines contributes to the successful development of this massive project, emphasising our proficiency and commitment to excellence in the industry. As work continues, the role of these cranes remains crucial, driving the Queens Wharf project towards its completion and we believe this makes us to best option for crane hire in Brisbane.