George Street

Brisbane, Queensland


The first stage of this massive build started in June 2015, with the first crane being installed in November 2015 7 floors (21 meters) below street level. Stage 1 consisted of 7 floors of underground carparking, 4 floors of podiums including shops, function and a ball room and a 34 story 6 star hotel on the north western corner.

On commencement, LCL supplied Mutliplex 4 x Favelle Favco cranes a M310D, 1000E, M200DX and a high speed 25 ton winch M440D which was used to lift out 20 ton bins of dirt during the dig and then to remove the large excavators’ out of the deep hole.

Stage #1 is now complete and Multiplex have been awarded Stage #2 which is a 44 floor structural steel commercial tower on the eastern end of the block.

For this tower, Multiplex and LCL had to come up with some very unique engineering as the client wanted everything from podium 4 and below handed over, which meant there could be no crane tower section protruding through down to the ground. LCL engineering came up with designing massive grillage beams to span 18 meters in length and fix to the existing walls and columns so the crane could sit on these beams. This crane will externally climb itself to 196m to complete this structure.

For photos of this project please check out our gallery, 300 George St TC4 relocation.

Tower crane 2 on this tower was positioned on the other side of the building above Ann Street. LCL went with a different method for the fixing and the climbing of the crane which has rarely been used in Australia. LCL engineers designed the crane to sit on a counter-levered grillage hanging out over podium 4. This crane will install 2 by large tie braces holding the tower sections to the building structure, once the building is ready for the crane to jump up; it will be unbolted from the grillage and will climb itself up to the tie braces using hydraulics. Once the crane is climbed to the designed height, it will be locked into position using the tie braces and chocks. This step has to be completed time for the crane to reach the completion height of the structure. Once the crane is no longer required, the other tower crane will dismantle this crane 200 meters above street level and lower to the ground, to be then broken up and taken away of trucks.

For pictures of this project in process please click onto our gallery below and have a look for yourself. The crane has yet to be climbed but will be happening in the next 2 months. More photos will be uploaded as the project continues.