Brisbane, Queensland


With a team of highly skilled professionals and a wealth of expertise, Lindores Construction Logistics has established an impressive project portfolio. Currently, we are actively involved in the Cross River Rail project at Roma St Station, supplying crane hire services to support its successful execution.

The Cross River Rail project is a game-changer, bringing significant improvements to transport connectivity and revitalising the Roma Street precinct. This ambitious endeavour creates opportunities for urban renewal and the enhancement of public spaces in the area. Furthermore, it stimulates private sector development, paving the way for the establishment of new commercial and residential hubs in one of the city’s most under-utilised regions.

As the crane provider for the Cross River Rail project at Roma St Station, Lindores Construction Logistics is committed to delivering excellence. At present, we have two cranes actively deployed on the site, with plans to introduce a third crane soon. Let’s delve into the details of our current crane fleet:

TC1, a Terex Comedil CTT-561A/20 tower crane, possesses remarkable specifications. With a jib length of 55m and a maximum working radius of 54m, this crane demonstrates versatility and adaptability. It boasts a maximum lift capacity of 20t to 29.7m and 10t to 54m, enabling it to handle a wide range of lifting requirements efficiently.

TC2, a Favelle Favco M630D tower crane, offers impressive capabilities essential for the Cross River Rail project. With a jib length of 73.4m and a maximum working radius of 71.7m, it ensures extensive coverage of the construction site. The crane’s maximum lift capacity of 25t to 17.5m and 5.1t at 71.7m guarantees efficient and precise lifting operations.

As a trusted Brisbane crane hire company, Lindores Construction Logistics understands the critical role these cranes play in the successful completion of the underground train station at Roma St. Our reliable fleet of Terex Comedil and Favelle Favco cranes, including the Terex Comedil CTT-561A/20 and the Favelle Favco M630D, offers exceptional performance, lifting capacities, and reach. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient crane services, contributing to the smooth progress of the Cross River Rail project.

With our expertise, dedication, and high-quality crane fleet, Lindores Construction Logistics is proud to support the Cross River Rail project and its transformative impact on Brisbane’s transportation network and urban landscape.