TC5 300 George Street, Brisbane was installed on a cantilevered grillage (iron girders attached to the inside of the building) to anchor the crane in the inside of the building so that when it climbs up the building the lower floors can be completed.

The crane was added after 4 floors had been completed and once the structure had reached level 13 the two sets of external ties were fitted to the crane and structure. The cranes climbing ladders were then installed to the lower crane tie and from there the crane was balanced and climbed itself and the 12 towers off the cantilevered grillage 20m to then sit on the bottom tie structure on level 8. The crane is now sitting 20m higher than initial install and the crane will climb itself up another 150m through 7 climbs to finish the building.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the design, installation and successful first climb on Sunday 6/05 of TC5. Visit our George Street project page for more details.

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